Dr. Rajesh is regarded as the best Laparoscopic Gastrectomy Doctor. The procedure is the same as all other laparoscopic surgeries. The surgeon makes four or five small incisions in the belly and inserts a narrow tube (port) into one of them. Through another incision, the surgeon injects a gas (usually carbon dioxide) into the abdomen. As a result, the abdomen is expanded so that the surgeon can see the interior more clearly on camera. The laparoscope is a small telescope coupled to a camera that is introduced through the port into the abdomen. The camera outputs interior images to a television screen. Surgical instruments are put into the remaining incisions and used to remove the portion of the stomach containing the tumour. The surgeon then opens one of the incisions and extracts the portion, which is placed in a plastic bag. If the entire stomach has been removed or is no longer functioning, the surgeon uses surgical staplers to attach the small intestine directly to the oesophagus, allowing the patient to feed again. The carbon dioxide and other equipment are now removed through the incisions, which are stitched, stereo-striped, or bandaged with glue-like bandages.


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