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Dr. Rajesh is the best doctor for LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRECTOMY. In your abdomen, the physician will make about 4-5 tiny incisions. Carbon dioxide gas is injected into one of the holes through a port (nozzle). This procedure enables the surgeon to see more clearly inside your abdomen. Another port is used to introduce a laparoscope. The laparoscope resembles a telescope, but it has a light and camera on the end that allows the physician to see inside the abdomen. Surgical tools are placed in the other small openings and used to remove the tumor-containing portion of the stomach. The stomach specimen is taken from the abdomen in a plastic bag by enlarging one of the tiny incisions on your abdomen. After all or part of your stomach has been removed, your small intestine will be connected to the esophagus or stomach remnant, allowing you to consume again. Surgical staplers are used to make this link. After that, the carbon dioxide is expelled from the belly through the slits, which are then closed with sutures or staples or covered with a glue-like bandage and sterile-strips.


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